Dr. Mick Mahan

Mick_2014Discover Chiropractic & Wellness was founded by Dr. Mick Mahan in 2004. After already practicing in the Houston area for 9 years, Dr. Mahan felt the calling to open his own clinic, based off the straight chiropractic philosophy that had fueled his passion since college at Palmer University. Upon the very first week of opening his first clinic, he was blindsided by learning his wife, Traci, had a life threatening illness that required her to go on dialysis immediately, and to seek a kidney transplant. This life changing time ended up transforming the way Dr. Mahan practiced, and now his office is now one of the largest health centers in the area of Houston and has seen many people reach their full God-given health potential.
Through personal hardship, dedication to seeking the truth, countless hours of research and continuing education, Dr. Mahan, his now healthy wife Traci, and the team at Discover Chiropractic & Wellness, now see their office as a mission field to educate their community about where TRUE HEALTH comes from. This is achieved through helping people reach their full God-given health potential through 5 Principles of Health: Discovering Function, Food & Nutrition, Fitness, Finances, and finally making a bright Future for themselves and those they love!

Without any of these foundational principles, you are unable to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life that you are meant to live. If you only focus on one of these, such as exercise, you are leaving out other core elements that keep your body healthy. Our main focus of these principles allows our team to get to the root, or the cause of the problem and then correct it. The allopathic medical model of disease is causing destruction of our health, quality of life, families, relationships, and finances. Our mission is to teach others the complete system of living through the principle of Chiropractic and how God created us to live and function.