About Weight Loss


Live to express your full health potential for the rest of your life!

At Discover Chiropractic & Wellness, you can learn to eliminate environmental and biological toxins and other factors that are preventing you from losing weight, balancing your hormones, sustaining energy or just reaching your ultimate health and lifestyle goals through a doctor-designed step by step approach. Learn simple strategies designed to make living in your optimal health both fun and enjoyable. You’ll learn lifestyle strategies that you can easily life with for the rest of your life.

We handle all the details of how to maximize your health so you can focus on what God’s potential for your life should be. Our Nutritional and Detox Consultant, Traci Mahan teaches on such topics as weight loss, diabetes prevention, heavy metal toxicity, thyroid and hormone deregulation, among others. The best part is that the benefits are long-term sustainable. As you increase your energy and vitality you will also help to prevent disease, greatly maximizing the quality of your life and reducing unnecessary medical costs. Our programs are designed to help you LIVE to express your full health potential for the rest of your life!

Our Health Center’s Nutrition and Detox Program involves a thorough analysis of all your body’s systems including the three main stress factors: Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Stress and the impact these have on your body to develop your customized protocol. This approach includes:

  • Neurotoxic Analysis
  • Personal Health History Evaluation
  • Customized Nutrition Integration
  • Urine Toxic Metals Testing
  • Visual Contrast Sensitivity Testing
  • Functional Supplementation
  • Reducing Neuroinflammation
  • Hormone Testing and Balancing
  • Gastrointestinal/Digestive Support
  • Immune System Support
  • Nervous System Support
  • Body Fat Metabolism Analysis
  • MicroNutrient Deficiency Testing
  • Detoxification

To begin your Healing Journey, we will start with a phone call. This FREE call allows you some one on one time with one of our Nutrition Experts. These consultations are a time for us to learn more about YOU and your health concerns, challenges and goals. They are also a time to determine whether the DCHC program is the right fit for you. Once you qualify for our program, we will schedule your Initial Consultation Appointment. At this appointment, we will complete a full Neurotoxic Evaluation, Medical and Health History Review, Toxicity Screening Test, Body Composition Analysis, and Adrenal Function Test. The results of your Initial Consultation Evaluation will then determine the customized protocol we develop for you.

Contact Us to schedule your consultation, begin your healing process, and DISCOVER Real Health!